Senior Sofware Engineer (Components Team)

Nahimic is hiring!


Nahimic has the conviction that everyone should benefit from the best audio experience, which is why they designed smart and tailor-made solutions that offer 3D sound in real-time on all standard stereo equipment. Their 3D Sound audio solution "Nahimic" has been embedded in the Top of the line Gaming computers and motherboards since 2015.
In line with these convictions, Nahimic has risen to the challenge of bringing this technology mainstream, offering this experience to everyone who wants more immersion, more emotions in their media (Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime Video, Apple Music, and much more). Nahimic is helped by talented engineers, developers, product owners, and managers, but is constantly looking for new talent. It currently has offices in France, Singapore and Taïwan and is looking to expand to the US.
(nb: A-Volute made the strategic choice to bring its leading brand's product name "Nahimic" as the current name of the company.)

Job Description

Within our ‘Components’ team, you will have the mission to develop and maintain our Products’ core technologies, such as Nahimic audio effects, Sonic Mapper and stream management technologies.

Your missions will be:
- To develop in a structured and maintainable way in total autonomy
- Test the performance and stability of the code you produce
- Analyze the problems, find the cause and propose solutions

- Generate and deliver components to the ‘Product’ team
- Perform technology watch (ex language / environment evolution)
- Understand the need of the Product Owner and implement associated scenarios
- Estimate / Evaluate the scope of tasks
- Participate in the daily scrums and communicate on the progress of the work

Preferred Experience

Higher education (Bac + 5), you have at least 4 years in software development. You have proudly contributed to the publication of products on the market!

You have already worked in one or more of these contexts:

  • Development of native Windows applications in C++ / C# / C
  • High-level component architecture
  • Low-level component architecture
  • Signal processing

You know how to work on projects that place great importance on good design and software architecture practices.
You have already worked on team productions in an agile culture.
The tools and best practices of versioning code have no more secrets for you.

We are looking for a versatile, rigorous and autonomous person.

You will join a tight-knit team working in an international environment.
You will enjoy the benefits of a start-up spirit: friendliness, proximity, flexibility (including teleworking).

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Villeneuve D'ascq, France (59491)
  • Education Level: Master's Degree
  • Experience: > 7 years
  • Salary: between 40000€ and 46000€ / year